About Uploot


Uploot is a curated selection of the finest space goods. We’re constantly searching the web for the best and latest products that anyone interested in space, astronomy, or aeronautics would be interested in. Only items that abide by a strict set of guidelines then make it onto Uploot.

You can be kept up to date by returning to the site regularly, or following us on social media. As new items are added to the site we’ll occasionally send out updates there to let everyone know about all the great stuff we’ve found. Our Pinterest also has collections of images of great space projects, historical photos, artwork, and more!

Using Uploot

•The newest additions to Uploot are added to the top of the list to make it easier to find the newest goods.

•Add items to your personal wishlist by using the heart icons next to each item.

•You can use the search function to find any specific items if you know what they’re called or what might be in its description.

•The categories (Books, Prints, Collectables, and Apparel) will filter the list to display just those items in the category.

•The filter option can be used to search for items tagged with specific identifiers.

Add your Goods

Have an item that you think would be a perfect fit for Uploot? Send me the information on it using the contact form below. Even if you don’t have a store yet we may be interested in working with you.

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